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Arley leads the pledge of allegiance at the October school board meeting

We are so proud of our friend Arley, who had the chance to make an appearance at the last school board meeting not only to lead the board in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, but to share a beautiful story she wrote and read aloud in both Spanish and English! She did a wonderful job! 

Reading A-Z

RAZ (Reading A-Z) bags were delivered to our CALL students along with food (663 cans/food items that CPC donated) and money. CALL is founded on Double Jeopardy, reading daily for 20 minutes is the plan of action. RAZ bags helped meet this goal for the month of September. We will run a book mobile, taking books, crafts, board, and card games to the families we serve. Reading is
the gateway to helping our students and could become a valued part of any program’s arsenal. It will help
to disseminate information, erase barriers, and equalize opportunity for all our families. The bookmobile could generate a mobile outreach for CALL.


When they read for 10 hours CALL will purchase them a book from Amazon and have it mailed to them. We will use the log sheet they have used for the 20 minutes/day. It will be in a folder, signed off by the parent and I will pick up the books they have finished reading and bring more books at their grade level.


In October we will implement the two websites – IXL and Reading RAZ for math and reading comprehension. All families have a laptop (donated to us) and a “hot spot” so they have internet access. This hurdle was accomplished this summer. Our prayer is for the tutors to remain safe and still have a viable program. When Covid-19 is at the baseline and not spiking we will imagine a safe way to gather with the students and moms. The tutors are the most important component of the program and the children are missing them so much. Thank you for your prayers, donations, and love.

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CALL Literacy for Moms.

Literacy Changes Lives—Motheread Changes Literacy

The moms in the CALL program are using the Motheread curriculum to learn to read better, read to their children in English and teach them Spanish from a bi-lingual book. Motheread, Inc. is a nationally acclaimed, private, non-profit organization that combines literacy instruction with child development, adult empowerment or employment skills. Their goal is for adults and children to learn to use the power of literacy to discover more about themselves, their families, and their communities.

In Motheread adult classes, participants learn critical literacy skills in a group structure that supports their own sense of worth and ability. These classes are appropriate for all adults, regardless of reading ability or prior educational experience. By teaching the “why” of reading rather than just emphasizing the “how,” classes also encourage parents to be reading role models for their children. For children, Story Exploring (the curriculum) provides a structured environment for learning reading, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Last week at CALL, we read “The Ugly Duckling” who was not accepted by the other ducks at the lake. He was different and told he did not belong. This lead the group of moms to discuss incidences of bullying in school and we talked about skills their child needed so they were not afraid. Each day the moms read to their children, the children are reading more, and both are being transformed by Literacy. The moms are learning English, the children are being taught Spanish by their moms, they are becoming reading role models and both are problem-solving.

C.A.l.l. is fun! So many memories!