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  • Advocacy + Academic Support for Children with Limited Proficiency in English:

  • Community Development

  • Operational and Financial Sustainability

As such, we implement a variety of programming to support academic development and reading among children with limited proficiency in English. Additionally, we develop partnerships with other agencies and organizations to support our work on behalf of the children we serve. We invite you to join us in an area that interests you!

Tuesday Tutoring

Want to make a BIG impact in a small amount of time? Join over 44 other tutors who volunteer with us each Tuesday from 3:00-4:15pm in the Fellowship Hall of the church each week as we work toward helping students one-on-one in this MEANINGFUL way by offering intensive tutoring. A brief initial training is required, and we help match with a child who will gain so much from your time and attention.

College Preparation

CALL has created an educational track that has enhanced Latino students’ chances of succeeding academically and completing a college degree. With its innovative curriculum, capable tutors and nurturing environment, CALL has become a viable educational option for each and every student, especially for our English Language Learners. With our focus on bi-literate educational programs, CALL fills a unique niche in providing these students the time and focus to reach the academic level of English that is critical for academic achievement, passing standardized tests, and pursuing postsecondary educational opportunities.

Field Trips and Scholarships

CALL offers multi-cultural opportunities for exploring the local community beyond. Travel to museums, sights of interest and offering educational immersions are some ways in which we enrich the lives of students. One powerful way we give back is to provide the opportunity for our kids to participate in two weeks of summer enrichment through our popular stem series!

S.T.E.M. Camp

Every summer we offer two weeks of STEM camp which is a popular acronym for the fields “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math,” designed to demonstrate their interconnectedness.Our camps are available during the summer, and we offer specialized training that children learn at camp, like early reading and study skills, which can inspire children to great success in school and beyond.

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